Nearly the entire recorded history of skateboarding is online. What does that mean for the culture?

Filming “Cuatro Sueños Pequeños.” Photo by Thomas Campbell.

At which point something changed, and not symmetrically… Though I’d never been to the Palais de Tokyo courtyard, I had seen it more times than I could count. Here, as Nina Simone sang her final “the way that I love you,” JJ Rousseau popped a nollie heel frontside noseslide on the out-ledge of the three-flat-three doubleset (please forgive my language). On top of the ledge is a marble statue of a woman, nude, in repose. Its name to me was “Le Dôme.”

Does the growing influence amassed by this Instagram account raise concerns that it has become systemically important, with any deletion or protracted absence leaving impressionable kids adrift and guardrail-less, while parents, significant others, and non-skating ass roommates wonder what happened to the deadpan voice dispensing trick terminology and occasional bursts of art history from behind the bathroom door whilst the fan is going?



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