UPDATE: If you’re reading this, know that I’m a good millennial and made the leap to, well, I better not say. Still, may I recommend where you can continue to find my indisputably personal and mysteriously appealing writing??

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I met Kevin Barry in the fall of 2015. He’s an author and not exactly a recluse; certifiably Google-able. His personality, Irish, is warm, disarming, steeled. The result, perhaps, of the demands of publicity tours. Though in all odds, it was probably just an Irish thing.

That evening I was…

Is Medium ephemeral, transient, or a more permanent sort of anchor in the seesawing sea of content? Hope so, since, this is where I can relay this admittedly brief update.

Newest York


  • I interviewed photographer Chi Modu for the cover story of the fourth issue
  • My interview with graphic design/furniture/architecture artist Tom Hancocks will be the centerpiece to the forthcoming fifth issue

New York City: 10.27.16.

It was raining and you could feel it through your layers, the wet finding its way through so-called imperables, seeping up and under until your bones felt a chill. So let’s say that’s why the rain is for poets what hamburgers are for certain American filmmakers…

New York City: 10.19.16.

I read that piece on Greenland too. Not Eliot Weinberger but Elizabeth Kolbert. Or was he Iceland’s valise and she Greenland’s dispatcher? Basically, it’s melting. And what’s good for the Greenlanders is, at least in the short term, bad for everyone else. Now and forever. It’s…

New York City: 10.14.16.

The sun had not yet made it to the ravine of Broadway stretching north of Union Square. Looking left and right, passersby could see it flooding 5th and Park, and presumably, the avenues beyond, but here, people lingered on certain street corners, or moved sanguinely, standing in what little sunshine there was. It was a crowded marketplace for warmth. Walking north, one experienced the unusually gratifying feeling of having the sunlight reflect obliquely onto their face, temporarily, but acceptingly, blinding them. People aka Dudes, wearing shorts walked by care-free, noticing nothing.

Frankie Caracciolo

Author of Baggage: the world’s #1 tote bag newsletter

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